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No Pain Is Permanent

İstanbul Nörocerrahi ve Ağrı Kliniğimizde sizlere sağlık hizmetlerimizi sunmaktan, yaşam kalitenizi yükseltmekten mutluluk ve gurur duyarız. Omurga ve beyin sağlığı ile ilgili herhangi bir sorunuz varsa lütfen bizimle iletişime geçmekten çekinmeyin:

With the INCA Difference

Our Treatments

Minimal Invasive Care

Non-surgery treatments for spinal problems include physical treatment, medical treatment and spinal injections

Backbone – Spinal Cord

INCA offers a wide range of non-surgery treatment options for spinal diseases and injuries.


We provide the least invasive but the most effective treatment approaches for brain diseases in our İstanbul Neurosurgery and Pain Center.


One of the key classifications is between traditio nal small molecule drugs; usually derived from chemical synthesis.

Ambulatory Surgeries

One of the key classifications is between traditio nal small molecule drugs; usually derived from chemical synthesis.

Pain Treatments

With our experience, we can manage to dramatically treat the pains of suitable patients with minumum side effects through spinal injections made under fluoroscopy

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In carpal tunnel surgery, Dr. Kerem Bıkmaz utilizes his patented technique called #miniopenapproach. The mini open approach is a new surgical method developed considering the issues encountered in traditional surgical practices.

Intravenous Therapy

IV Terapi-İntravenöz tedavinin amacı hücrelerin fonksiyonlarını sağlıklı bir şekilde yerine getirebilmeleri için gerekli olan vitamin, mineral, aminoasit ve antioksidan desteklerine hızla ve yeterli miktarda ulaşabilmelerini sağlamaktır.

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No Pain Is Permanent…

Almost of adults faces with waist and neck problems at some point. Without any exception, anyone such as women, men, young or old people can be affected.


All the possible reasons that could lead to waist and neck pains (hernia, infection, dislocation, tumor, arthritis, mechanical reasons etc.) are evaluated through a detailed neurological examination and advanced diagnostic tests. All patients are definitely diagnosed and accordingly, the most suitable alternative treatment is applied.


INCA continues its studies with its mission policy to be a reference center in such fields as pain and neurosurgery which requires a high level of expertise and experience. INCA aims at using a combination of its expertise and experience with high-level medical technologies.


As well as its coordination with The Neurosurgery and Interventional Radiology Center at The University of Arkansas, Neurosurgery and Pain Center in The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Pain Center in The Hospital of Morges in Switzerland, INCA has also provided a continuous exchange of staff with its partner center, Arkansas Neurosurgery Center.

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Sertifikalar ve Patentlerimiz

Witness our achievements for yourself.

Inca Civilization is one of the most developed civilizations in the world which ruled in South America during the archaic ages. The trepanation which were carried out by INCA people especially after the brain traumas has laid the foundations of today’s modern neurosurgery. Istanbul Neurosurgery and Pain Center which is named after this historical civilization aims at treating our patients as traditionally and conservatively as possible and providing the best neurosurgery healthcare services.

Beyin omurilik ve omurga hastalıklarının tanı ve tedavisi amacıyla kurulmuş olan kliniğimiz INCA, bu alanda Türkiye’nin ilk özel multidsipliner merkezidir. “Hiçbir ağrı kalıcı değildir” ilkesiyle, ağrı tedavisine yepyeni bir boyut getiren INCA, üzerine aldığı sorumluluğun bilinciyle yaşam kalitenizi artırmaya devam edecektir…

Op. Dr. Kerem Bikmaz

Founder of Inca Klinik

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Performance Results

We continuously improve our medical and administrative processes with a measurable system for quality and safe service that successfully meets the very highest standards.

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Pain Management & Control

We achieve this with the application of conservative treatments or procedures with techniques based on scientific evidence only. We reserve surgical procedures for patients who truly require them.

Accurate Diagnosis

Establishing a correct diagnosis is the cornerstone of our treatments, so that we can treat the origin of the problem with each and every one of our patients.


INCA / İstanbul Nörocerrahi ve Ağrı Kliniği
“Yaşam kalitenizde INCA farkı…”

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You can read our Clarification Text on the Protection of Personal Data Law No. 6698 here.